Houston County Courthouse



The original Houston County Courthouse, which was built in the early twentieth century, was replaced in 1962 with a structure that was the state of design at the time.  The building featured modern influences that included a sun screen, full height window walls and precast panels.  However, over the years, the building began showing signs of deterioration and the Houston County Commission was challenged with trying to refurbish the courthouse, upgrade the components of the building and keep it partially operational at the same time.  Waid Parrish & Associates assisted the County in designing a building that married the aesthetics of the original courthouse with the modern influence of its replacement.  While the structure of the building was sound, the exterior veneer was in need of replacement and the interior functionality was in need of improvement.  Today's life safety issues were also addressed as well as the upgrading of the building's energy efficiency.  The entire mechanical system was replaced and ADA accessibility issues were resolved.  Because the building project was part of a County Bond Issue, Waid Parrish & Associates had to ensure that the construction costs remained in budget and that the project did not exceed time constraints.  Also, prior to the construction process, another facility was renovated to temporarily house many of the courthouse components during construction.