Ozark Municipal Complex


Project Rendering

With the growth of Ozark and its surrounding areas, the City of Ozark was in need of a facility that supported the various city departments and functions under one roof.  The existing city facilities were housed in different buildings and the function and flow of the existing buildings were cumbersome for city residents as well as the city administration and employees.  Also, with new developing technologies, the existing facilities were becoming inefficient and were unable to be updated to meet today's technological needs.  Waid Parrish & Associates assisted the City of Ozark in combining most of their city departments and functions in one building that would not only effectively serve the public, but also allow the city to provide several new services that were not previously available.  The new facility was designed with goals of providing the citizens of Ozark an efficient and functional building with room for expansion, yet provide an identity for the city with an aesthetically pleasing building that fit into the context of the downtown Ozark area.